About Me

I'm Pam Goes. I live in RI with my best friend, my husband of almost 25 years, and our two boys.  Henry is currently unemployed (gulp), but we're working on that.  Paul is 22 and is developmetally disabled.  He lives at home with us, but we hope to find the appropriate residential supports for him soon.  Josh is 20, also developmentally disabled.  He is living in his own apartment and recieves support to stay safe and healthy.  I work for an agency that provides services and supports to children & adults with developmental disabilities (I'm seeing a theme developing here). I provide support, information and resources to the families.  I love my job, and think I'm pretty good at it.

I stamp for fun and relaxation.  It's great to have a creative outlet and a quiet place to retreat to.  I'm hoping it can turn into something profitable, but for now I simply enjoy doing it.

I'm a born-again hippie from the 70's.  I still love the music and the feeling from those days.  I just try not to get stuck there! 

I hope you find this interesting, and that you'll come back often.  I'm open to suggestions for topics, spotlights, whatever.  Thanks for reading!

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