Friday, April 30, 2010

A very Special day

Tomorrow, in my corner of RI, it is time for the area games for Special Olympics.  This is a major event in our lives, and one we look forward to every spring.  You see, my son Paul is a Special Olympian.  Paul has been participating since he was 8 years old, he's now 22.  Paul has little in the way of physical athletic ability, but has a lot in the "I want to be included" social ability.  This was not always the case, and we credit Special Olympics, and his terrific coaches, with his growth.

As a little boy Paul didn't deal well with crowds, loud noises, chaos or being off-schedule.  His coaches helped him by introducing him bit by bit to the wild world of the Olympic games.  Over the years he has learned to love to be with active crowds, with fireworks and parades, and to live off the cuff (well, a little).  Just seeing us get his uniform out sends him into squeals of joy and excitement!  Although non-verbal, Paul has many ways of communicating his joy and pleasure with his team.

Paul does what is a called a 25 meter developmental walk, assisted.  It's pretty much as it sounds.  He walks for 25 meters and it's OK if his coach has to help him along.  Over the years Paul has been able to walk the distance completely on his own.  However, he usually stops along the way to either bask in the cheers or to go say hello to a pretty girl watching from the sidelines!  He really doesn't care if his medal is gold, silver or bronze.  It's all about the participation.

Last year Paul added swim to his events.  He competes in a 25 meter developmental float, assisted, also.  But he surprised us and actually learned to swim! His coach says that this year they are going to win gold! 

Special Olympics has also helped Paul's parents.  We've learned to let go and let Paul go.  We don't coach him, we stand back and let the coaches do their job.  And when the state games occur, Paul spends 3 days at the University of RI, in the dorm, with his team and his coach.  Where we once fretted about him for the entire weekend, we now enjoy his going (almost) as much as he does!  We have all grown from the experiences.

We now have friends on many of the teams across the state.  We've bonded with other parents, we've watched little children grow into young men and women.  It has been an experience like no other.  If you ever get the opportunity to watch a Special Olympics event, take it.  You can thank me later.

Monday, April 26, 2010

This week's featured artisan from On Fire for Handmade is Peggi - Owner/Designer of Pink Clouds and Angels Jewelry!

Peggi has beautiful creations and puts a great deal of love into every piece she creates! To quote her, "I make jewelry for every woman. I give each piece I make the same attention to detail, no matter the price range. "

You can find Pink Clouds and Angels Jewelry at:

Shop URL:
2nd Shop URL:
Blog URL:

Face Book Page:
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Please check out Peggi's shops and tell me if you don't agree that she creates beautiful, finely crafted jewelry that makes you want to see more!  Tell her you saw her here!

Friday, April 23, 2010

You Can Quote Me!

I love quotes!  They seem to so often sum up how I feel in just a few words.  They don't have to be from some serious long ago academic.  They can be light & fun.  Like "You're Never Too Old to do Goofy Stuff"  from the irrepressible Ward Cleaver!

Another favorite, although more serious, is "It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are", by e.e.cummings.  I think that we forget how important it is to be true to ourselves, and that quote reminds me to try.


This one, by Josh Billings, reads:  "Do Not Put Off until tomorrow what can be enjoyed today".  Now, those are words to live by!

This is how I want to live my life!!

And when times are challenging, it is always helpful to remember that "if notheing ever changed, there would be no butterflies..."

And I have just purchased a few stamps with quotes that I love!  Look for them to show up on a card soon!  "Life is not waiting for the storm to pass, it's dancing in the rain".  And Flavia tells us "Some people come into our lives and quietly stay.  Others, stay for a while, leaving footprints in our hearts and we are never the same".  And finally, from the late, great John Lennon, "Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans".

So, what is your favorite quote?  Please share them with me!  You might find them showing up in a card, or on Facebook, even right here in another posting!

Have a wonderful day!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Sharing the Passion

I have become a member of On Fire for Handmade.  This is a fabulous way to meet artisans, share our own work and learn more about this great community of creative people.  Each week I will spotlight one of the members of On Fire for Handmade.

This week I am featuring Sally, from Passion for Beads.  Sally creates sparkly, beautiful acessories to brighten up any wardrobe.  Her pieces are created using Swarovski crystals and you'll find earrings, pins, bracelets and more.  The colors are brilliant and the prices are so reasonable!  Check out Passion for Beads!!  or

Mother's Day!! 
Mother's Day will be here before you know it!  How do YOU celebrate this day just for moms?  In my family we celebrate in a variety of ways.  We often all gather at my house for lunch or brunch or some other excuse for eating!  It's just a day to honor all of the moms we bring together. 
We often like to show mom we care with a gift, sometimes simply a card.  Why not tell  mom she's special by giving her a hand stamped card from pamannie ink?

Had something else in mind?  Just let us know - we'd love to work with you to create that special something for YOUR special mom!!

Have a wonderful week & I'll be back with you soon!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sneak Peek

Hi all - I just wanted to give my readers a sneak peek at the Mother's Day cards that I'll be adding to my Etsy store.  Several have been added today and the rest over the next few days.  All Mother's Day cards are now $.50 off per card.  So get them while they're in stock!!  Each card is hand made and one of a kind - even if we made more than one no two will be exactly the same.

Be sure to visit!  Thanks for visiting!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Birthday Presents

Last Tuesday was my birthday.  Because I have been making so many new friends through Link Love on Facebook, I wanted to support them by purchasing from some Etsy shops.  So I asked my husband for a "gift certificate" for Etsy and he agreed.  Off I went to go shopping!  There is nothing better than sitting in your pjs, curled in your favorite chair and shopping with someone else's money - and buying hand made!!  So here are my purchases.  Make sure you check out these shops - they have lots of wonderful things!

This lovely pendant is blue sea glass with a small pearl and a purple heart.  It was created by Mermaids Tears. She can be found at

Next I HAD to have a pursekey from Dean Designs.  I have been eyeing them for a while and now was the time.  Tracie asked me my colors and what made my heart sing.  In only a couple of days she created a beautiful custom pursekey in blues and purples.  My favorite stars and moons were mixed in throughout. And as a birthday treat, Tracie added a pair of matching earrings.

And the earrings:

Find Tracie's beautiful pursekeys and other great pieces at

Another new friend and talented lady is Meredith from Meredith Beads.  I loved many of her pieces and had a hard time choosing.  But in the end, this lovely bracelet called my name and came home to live with me!

Well, that used up all my birthday money, but I couldn't resist these beautiful earrings from Dean Designs!  So I treated myself!!

Lastly, my wonderful sister gave me a gift certificate for her shop!  That was great fun.  After much deliberation I choose this beautiful turquoise pendant.

Let's pretend it's your birthday! Check out these great shops on Etsy and find your special piece of jewelry!!  Then add your comment to share what you would pick for your gift.  What a great way to find some new great Etsy shops!!

Have fun!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Let's have a little fun!

In my "day" job (read "paying") I am family support person for families who have a family member with a developmental disability.  So I do a lot of web surfing around information and resources that would benefit families.  Well, today I ran across a blog at the website.  It was hysterical - yet hits the right note for me.  I thought we could try what Sheila did on her blog - thanks, Sheila!  :)

This is an excerpt from Sheila's blog:  "Recently, I came across a book that takes the chore battle to another level—I’d Trade My Husband for a Housekeeper. The book is a marriage guide to life after children, but the tongue-in-cheek title caught my attention and gave me an idea …

We want to know what would you trade for a housekeeper? Would you give up your favorite pair of jeans? Would you swap a beloved photo album for some outside help? Would you actually trade your hubby (maybe that’s too extreme!)?

Let us know what you’d trade for a housekeeper and why!"

So - share!  I wouldn't trade my husband - he does more housework than I do anyway!!  But I would give up my daily Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee for one!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My friend Annie!

Annie is my friend, and my business partner.  She's the other half of pamannie ink!  We've been working together for 2 years.  We met, like most parents, through our children.  Her young daughter had just started on the Challenger Division Little League team Paul was on.  It was love at first sight.  Paul & L have been best friends ever since. It didn't take me & Annie much longer to become friends, too.  Even our husbands like each other!

Annie decided to become a demonstrator for Stampin' Up.  She asked me to host a party for her so that she could practice before trying it with people she didn't know.  Well, I hosted a party for her.  She's my friend, it was the least I could do.  But I told her, this was her hobby, not mine, and I didn't see the fun in it.  Well, that was then & this is now!  I learned that I liked stamping! 

With Annie's help I learned some techniques.  Then I grew a little more confident.  Soon I didn't have to copy her cards, I was coming up with colors & layouts of my own.  And I feel we have two distinct styles now.  But the confidence came from Annie.  She believed I could do this well and finally made me believe it, too!  And she introduced me to this world of crafts and creativity that I had always stayed away from.  And when we started to do shows together, it was awesome!  We've had a blast, and met some fabulous crafters & artisans!  And now we have expanded into the virtual world.  What fun!

So thank you, to Annie, for bringing me into the world of crafting!  Here's to you! 

Annie & I no longer sign our work with our separate names; everything is stamped with pamannie ink.  We do that on purpose, so that it's always both of us, never mine or hers. But because we do have different styles, all the photos in today's blog are layouts that Annie created.  Enjoy!