Sunday, June 6, 2010

BEST Featured Artist - moonangelnay

This week I have the pleasure of featuring BEST teammate moonangelnay - Naomi, from Birmingham, UK.  Naomi is a stay at home mom whose love for photography shines through each and every photo in her Etsy store.  I thoroughly enjoyed browsing her shop - her photographs are outstanding! 

              Soft As Snow       "A delicacy of the waning year,
         crystalline formations will bring magic oh so near..."

End Of The Road    "All things come to an end eventually, but I don't mind, I have found purpose and beauty through hardship, this is only the beginning..."

I love the way Naomi uses quotes to describe her artwork - simple lines to evoke a feeling -

                             A Restful Place 

"By water's side a heart may find, a place for the soul that will make one whole..."

This is what Naomi says about herself on her blog -  "I'm Naomi, a mom from Birmingham in the UK, and am the one behind this blog and my contemporary fine art photography, wall art and photo jewelry store, I also have keen interests in baking, crafts, reading, knitting and crocheting".

Naomi also creates glass scrabble tile jewelry, using her photos.  And right now, they're on sale!  What could be better?  Here's a sample or two...

You can find Naomi here:

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  1. That "End of the Road" piece is so beautiful and inspiring!