Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Share the Love Tuesday

Late again - for the Share the Love feature. I'm supposed to do it on Tuesdays, but somehow I can't quite get it done! But this week, it's OK. Because the Featured artisan this week is....(drum roll, please...) pamannie ink! I get to be featured on all the blogs associated with On Fire for Handmade!! Here are some the these wonderful bloggers...

Creations with Heart                       Crocheted Little Things

KP Designs                                      Catyann's Creations

Caliope's Caprice                             Made it Myself

Made for Me by Oaklie                     The Gift Shop

Finding Charm                                 Lottie's Trinkets

Pink Clouds & Angels

My thanks to all these wonderful people for Sharing the Love! Please check out their blogs for yourself.

And now let me share a couple of the new listings in my Etsy shop!!

Graduation Card

Have a wonderful week!

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